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my story

My Story

I have worked in a warehouse for years, and I had tried many ways to keep cool. I was even given a large industrial brand swamp cooler to use, and it did a reasonable job.  But it was loud and very heavy and spit a lot, so I was always trying to keep things from getting wet.  I used it for a season until my boss needed it back.  When looking for a replacement I decided on the MC92V by Hessaire.  When I compared it to the large industrial brand, the Hessaire brand was less than one third the price.  It was light and easy to maneuver.  It was quiet and easy to use, and it was very efficient.  I loved it so much I purchased a MC37M for my personal use.   As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with these products that I decided to sell them myself.  I am a one man shop.  I order and deliver.  I believe in these products, and I believe you will love them too.  Call me or e-mail me, and I will answer your questions.



The MC92V is the most versatile and efficient cooler on the market.  It features a switch for oscillating louvers that allow the air to reach a wide area.  Three fan speeds and an independent water pump switch, allows for multiple temperature settings. Ideal for body shops, and mechanics garages.  Excellent for large gatherings and even sporting events.

Airflow up to 11,000 CFM

Approximate coverage 3,000 Sq. Ft

32.8 Gallon reservoir and 125 pounds

46"W x 26"D x 59"H

460 Watts / 5.8 Amps

$1615.00 Retail

$1500.00 on sale



The MC61 series is perfect for patios and large garages.  Both feature a switch for oscillating louvers for wide air disbursement, and an independent pump switch, and a three speed fan.The MC61V also has adjustable vertical louvers

Airflow up to 5,300 CFM

Approximate coverage 1,600 Sq. Ft

14.6 Gallon reservoir and 58 pounds

28"W x 17"D x 45"H

430 Watts / 4.3 Amps

$735.00 retail

$650.00 on sale



Don't let it's size fool you.  The MC37 series has a powerful fan and oscillating louvers, independent pump switch and a three speed fan.  This cooler is perfect for a standard garage or patio, back yard barbecues, or just working on your car in the driveway.  The MC37V also has adjustable vertical louvers

Airflow up to 3,100 CFM

Approximate coverage 950 Sq. Ft

10.3 Gallon reservoir and 41 pounds

25"W x 17"D x 37"H

250 Watts / 2.4 Amps

$500.00 retail

$475.00 on sale




Compact, portable, and simple, yet produces a  powerful blast of cooling air.  With a two speed fan and straight ahead cooling.  This is the ultimate personal cooler.  Perfect for camping or fishing, or just hanging out at the pool.

Airflow up to 1,300 CFM

Approximate coverage 500 Sq. Ft

4.8 Gallons and 16 pounds

20"W x 10"D x 28"H

82 Watts / 0.7 Amps


$245.00 retail

$225.00 on sale




This cooler may be little, but it is packed with features.  A powerful motor provides a respectable 1,200 CFM.  It has upper and lower louvers as well as inner louvers that oscillate. There is a bottle opener on the side, and an LED strip on the front.  There is a USB charge port, and a blue-tooth speaker.  This fan is perfect for tailgating or al-fresco dining.

Airflow up to 1,200 CFM

Approximate coverage 350 Sq. Ft

3.0 Gallons and 18 pounds

16"W x 13"D x 23"H

75 Watts / 0.6 Amps


$395.00 retail

$315.00 on sale


This is the newest member of the line
of Hessaire Coolers.  It is the first designed to be used with ice.  It can be filled with water from the side, and the top can hinge out of the way to add cubes of block ice.  The fan assembly can be tilted up and down and has a two-speed fan capable of 900 Cfm.  Perfect for desktop use or camping and fishing; anywhere you need personal cooling.

Airflow up to 900 CFM
approximate coverage  200 Sq Ft
2.8 Gallons and 17.6 pounds
16.75"W x 11"D x 23.5"H
0.45 Amps (less than 1/2 an Amp)

$125.00 retail

$115.00 on sale

Heading 5


This is a window mounted or through the wall mounted whole house cooler.  This is a stationary cooler designed to help cool a house or apartment up to 2000 Sq Ft.  It has a two speed fan. Low speed is 4020 CFM, and high speed is 6700 CFM. The motor is mounted in the grill section of the cooler, which will extend to accommodate a wall depth up to 9 inches.  The grill has three sections of vertically adjustable louvers.  And there are inner louvers that oscillate about 60 degrees.  Minimum opening is 22 inches by 22 inches.

Airflow up to 6100 CFM

Approximate coverage 2000 Sq. Ft.

29 "W x 15"D x 36"H body size

22" x 22" grill size

320 Watts / 3.1 Amps

$690.00 retail

$625.00  on sale

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