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Inflation Blowers

(for Greenhouses)

Holds constant pressure, Thermally protected, Ball bearing motors, Adjustable damper doors, Oversized mounting holes adapt to standard brackets



60CFM   $58.95

IB148co inflation blower-cutout_edited.png


148CFM   $80.95

Specialty Show Animal Fans

Exclusive swivel rafter mount allows fan to be rotated and tilted

Rugged OSHA spaced guards are powder coated black

Industrial grade aluminum blades. Pre-wired with 7 foot cord and rocker switch for 115v

Flat front allows for easy transport, and use of mist ring (not encluded)


20B4B3-S    $259.95

18 inch blade, 3000CFM at 1600RPM, 3 Speed switch, 21 pounds

24B4B-S    $369.95

24 Inch blade, 5850CFM at 1725RPM, single speed but can accommodate variable speed, 46 pounds

Agricultural Fans

Various styles and sizes.  Please specify your needs.

louved fan 1-cutout.png
48X750N box fan-cutout.png
48SWC750 slant wall-cutout.png

Wet Wall replacement Pads

Pads come in four different lengths. 3, 4, 5, or 6 feet long.  All are 12 inches wide by 6 inches thick.  All sizes are sold by the pallet. Please e-mail for prices and availability.

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